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Semiconductor/Wafer Handling
Wafer Packing & Inspection
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NBS Technologies designs and manufactures automated systems for handling, sorting, packing, unpacking and inspection of wafers.

Our expertise in the area of wafer packing is allowing us to continuously develop new solutions for the Semiconductor industry. NBS has aquired considerable skill and know-how in the wafer packing and sorting, HSMS/SECS/GEM/300mm communication and ultra thin wafer handling arenas. We offer solutions for wafer sizes of 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Moreover, NBS can provide you with a solution for wafer inspection. Thanks to the continued development of our expertise, our wafer back side visual inspection equipment automatically detects silicon micro-cracks and peripheral breakages on the back side of wafers.

Let NBS show you how we can deliver the right solution for your wafer packing and inspection needs.

For more information on our Wafer Handling product line please contact us at info@nbstech.com


WPC200 Advance

WPC 300
Collective 300mm wafer packing

WPC 200 Advance
Collective 200mm wafer packing

WBI 200
Wafer Back Side Visual Inspection


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