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Smart Solutions for the Telecommunications market
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Today, the telecommunication market is the largest in the microprocessor card market with approximately 70% of the worldwide sales volumes and revenues. Microprocessor cards, in the form of SIM Subscriber ID Module, are included in all mobile telephony using a GSM network and in a growing number of handsets for other networks (TDMA, PDA and CDMA). The SIM card is about the size of a postage stamp, with embedded circuitry on one side of its surface, which when inserted into a GSM cell phone provides cell phone service on a particular GSM network. Its main function is identifying the user on the operator’s network, so that the latter can authorize the customer to use their phone and bill them accordingly.

The personalization of GSM/SIM cards requires high capacity chip card personalization systems and quality printing technology. The NBS personalization module uses a range of couplers known in the industry for their performance and reliability. The NBS systems are one of the most compatible tools in the personalization industry, designed to fit in any service bureau or personalization facility or environment . The introduction of 3G and the switch to e-commerce and value-added services (VAS) via mobile Internet is expected to continue its strong growth.

It’s Smart To Choose NBS

Reliable platforms – NBS have been providing solutions worldwide for the financial market for more than 30 years!

Smart Card encoders – We incorporate the best components available in the industry, including specialized NBS couplers and couplers manufactured by Smartware that are recognized as industry standard, with certified results in Smart card personalization worldwide.

Encoding design – Our equipment offers the best design for high secure Smart card encoding, avoiding any duplication and maintaining the sequence during production.

Printing system – We are constantly working on new systems, which allows us to implement the most suitable laser printing quality at the best price. All the GSM requirements in terms of size and speed are covered in this range of laser modules.

Smart Card Solutions for Telecommunications


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