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The emergence of smart cards has been a major focus of the company and the card issuance industry. The card that was once a banking device has literally transformed into a portable computer you can put in your wallet. NBS is at the forefront of meeting the needs of the financial world. Today, personalized cards and increasingly smart objects, such as PCMCIA, Compact Flash, MultiMediaCard, Smart media, Memory Stick, USB drives and SIM cards, can provide an ever more cost-effective, secure and highly branded mechanism to link your business or organization to your customers. NBS is building on its three decades of experience to shape the future.

NBS specializes in the design and manufacture of high to low volume card-based personalization equipment and software. We are focused on the production, testing and personalization of smart cards, smart objects, electronic labels and micro-modules, RFID products for applications in telecommunications (SIM), ID, security, major card issuers and transportation, and for many other organizations that require a full range of issuance applications. Having one company to provide both local and central requirements is smart.

Secure ID Solutions for a New World

NBS is at the heart of a new evolution in secure card technologies and techniques for both high-capacity centralized and instant card personalization. Smart cards offer over 100 times the calculation and storage capacity of other types of cards, allowing them to handle more complicated security applications and security demands such as cryptographic algorithms, particularly in the area of biometrics which requires a significant amount of memory.

Secure ID for Government
The increased demand for security over the past few years, developing democracies, increased border control, and standardization of existing IDs has created needs in a variety of personalization technologies. Examples of new security technologies and techniques required by today’s governments include laser engraving, optical encoding, micro-printing, dye sublimation printing, retransfer printing, PIN/biometrics chip cards, and a range of secure lamination techniques.

Federal, State and Local Government agencies involved in numerous card issuance projects have turned to NBS for our expertise in secure card technologies and techniques for both high-capacity centralized and on-demand card personalization. We are recognized globally for our expertise in the implementation of card personalization programs such as the Department of Defense’s Common Access Card (CAC) program.

Corporations, schools, clubs and other commercial enterprises
A range of other organizations can also take advantage of NBS’s expertise in the secure ID market. NBS has successfully completed many secure ID card projects globally —from small instant issuance projects to high-profile citizenship ID card projects. Whether you need a local printer for low volume issuance, or a higher volume, more secure, central issuance solution, NBS is shaping the future of how your organization deals with security with the hardware, software, and more importantly, the expertise to make your ID more secure in its design and issuance.

Card Personalization for Government & Secure ID


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