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Loyalty Programs are proving the best way to attract new customers and retain current ones. Initiating a loyalty program will help you reinforce your brand image to your customers while providing you with the data and tracking you need to build your future marketing efforts. NBS has been helping companies with their loyalty programs by providing them a custom solution to help them better understand their customers.

Instant Issuance
The Casino market with their issuance of player cards leads the way in the Instant Issuance market. The NBS solution to the Casino market entails:

Quick issuance, mid-high volume Monochrome card printer

The solution for Casino Pit areas and Player Club issuance booths as it has the ability to be network interfaced and accept raw data without a PC or Javelin Jet.

The ImageMaster has been the bench mark in the casino industry for the reliable, quick issuance of player cards for the past 10 years. The newest model, the fastest monochrome printer on the market, has state of the art features including the capability to interface to your network and perform double sided printing. With its network capability and the NBS Dashboard feature for a PC, you can now interface to a variety of units which allows firmware updates, layout transfers, or font interchanges on multiple units with one simple operation. Powerful, fast, and network friendly are all reason to make the new IMX2 your player card issuance printer.

Javelin Printers and the Javelin Jet

Low Cost-Low Volume Monochrome card Printer (single or double sided)

The solution for Casino Pit areas or as backup at the Player Club Issuance Booth

The Javelin printer is known throughout the industry as a low cost, durable printer. While color capable, when it comes to casino cards, the ability to use low cost monochrome ribbon is the feature most appealing. However like all printers in its class it needs access to a PC to allow formatting of the raw data your network provides, into a card layout before the printer can print the card. Our competitors offer software to handle this on a PC. However this adds cost and the need for valuable table space in the Pit where space is a luxury. With the NBS Javelin Jet and it's small footprint (5"x 6" x 2"), you no longer need this PC/software. You program the Jet on a PC, unplug it, and place the Jet between the network and the Javelin printer in the Pit area. The Pit manager enters the player’s data into the casino’s network terminal already in the Pit area and the network dumps the needed data to the Jet, which then formats the data into a card layout that gets sent to the Javelin printer.  The Pit manager brings the card to the player within minutes of the player requesting a card.  You now have the needed solution for the easy issuance of Player cards.  This solution would be located where it is most needed and it would not remove the player from the table and possibly the casino forcing the player to stop playing. 

Central Issuance of Loyalty Cards

For those applications that print and issue cards centrally, the NBS ImageMaster and NBS Horizon provides a high speed means solutions to these market needs. Add the HZM Mailer as a stand alone for the ImageMaster or a in line Solution with the Horizon, and you have a complete fulfillment solution.

Download Horizon Brochure

Javelin Jet Brochure

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