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We are a leading provider of card personalization, secure identity solutions, wafer handling & embedding solutions, and point of sale transaction services for financial institutions, governments and corporations worldwide. NBS is in the forefront of developing solutions for smart technologies, including smart objects such as contactless cards, smart passports and smart telecommunication devices.

The company has specialized and complementary product lines within its Smart Solutions and Payment Solutions business units. Our core expertise in embossing, smart card technology, software and IP and wireless integration is empowering NBS to shape the future in transactions and identity solutions.

NBS is a closely held public company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:NBS) with majority owned by Brookfield Asset Management (www.brookfield.com), a specialist asset manager. Focused on property, power and infrastructure assets, Brookfield has approximately $40 billion of assets under management and is co-listed on the New York and Toronto Stock exchanges.   NBS Technologies is a global company with locations in Canada, U.S., Brazil, France, China and the U.K., along with a worldwide dealer network.


Innovation in Our Thinking, Products & Technologies

Smart Solutions - We design, manufacture and distribute market card personalization equipment, software, secure identification systems, and related products and services for card issuers in a variety of volumes, in a variety of applications. Our solutions address all ranges of the card personalization market from chip to envelope, focused in the areas of financial/EMV, Telecommunications and Government, Secure ID.

Payment Solutions - We design, manufacture and distribute Internet, wireless and wired terminals to process financial card and loyalty transactions to customers, including retailers and financial institutions. We also provide secure high-speed, Internet-enabled electronic payment transactions and value-added services to businesses and other entities.

Wafer Packing & Inspection - We design, manufacture and distribute wafer packing, unpacking and sorting equipment as well as a back-side inspection unit for the Semiconductor industry. Our solution automates this collective wafer packing process that ensures wafer integrity and traceability.

How We Are Shaping the Future

Everything we do to shape the future is built on a foundation of innovation first, technology leadership and customer centric solutions.

INNOVATION FIRST NBS has a simple philosophy: “innovate first.” We deliver innovation in our thinking, products and technologies . By leading the way with R&D, NBS has been ‘first to market’ with a number of significant products and services in anticipation of changing market and customer needs. NBS has major R&D facilities in North America and Europe.

TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP NBS has a core competency in specific smart card, IP and wireless technologies which has allowed us to productize and operationalize production-class solutions. For example, NBS has been a pioneer in the deployment of smart card personalization solutions, and we have developed unique proprietary software solutions to make it easier and more cost effective for NBS customers to become EMV compliant. Similarly, NBS is leading the way in the use of IP and wireless technology in payment terminals and associated connectivity and processing gateways, allowing our customers to take early advantage of a cost-effective solution without the cost and risk of change within their existing systems. We are also at the leading edge of research and pioneering of next-generation technologies such as contactless devices and several new security technologies.

CUSTOMER CENTRIC SOLUTIONS NBS has a long-standing dealer network in over 150 countries. By working closely with key technology suppliers, we achieve a reduced time-to-market for new products and lower R&D costs. By deepening our relationship with major accounts in focused geographies, we are able to anticipate future requirements first and better meet the needs of our customers.


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